Galway County Championships Results 2012 - 2013

The Galway County Championships 2012 - 2013 which is kindly sponsored by FC Catering will be on going throughout the season

Doubles Championships: Was held in November 2012

Mixed Championships: Was held in January 2013

Singles Championships: Was held in February 2013

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Sunday 3rd March 2013




Mens Doubles Grade 5:    Enda Ansboro & Kieran Kelly (Cortoon) 

Ladies Doubles Grade 9:  Jennier Coleman & Niamh O' Donohue (NUIG) 



Mixed Grade 4:                Bryan Lalor & Emer Lalor (GLTC) 

Mixed Grade 5:                Michael Carson & Sarah Caulfield (GLTC)

Mixed Grade 6:                Michael Carson & Sarah Caulfield (GLTC) 

Mixed Grade 7:                Mohit Katiyar & Deirdre Caulfield (Oranmore)  

Mixed Grade 8:                Jack Davies & Emily Darby (GLTC) 

Mixed Grade 9:                Tom Fitzgibbon & Aileen Melville (Ardrahan)

Mixed Grade 10:              Brian Daniels & Orla Hennessy (NUIG)




Grade 4:                          Emer Lalor (GLTC)

Grade 5:                          Mary Prendergast (Claregalway)

Grade 6:                          Sarah Caulfield (GLTC) 

Grade 7:                          Molly Davies (GLTC) 

Grade 8:                          Jennifer Lalor (GLTC) 

Grade 9:                          Moya O' Donnell (NUIG)

Grade 10:                        Orla Hennessy (NUIG)



Grade 4:                          Bryan Lalor (GLTC)

Grade 5:                          Simon Casey (NUIG) vs Dermot Flatley (GLTC)

Grade 6:                          Mohit Katiyar (Oranmore)

Grade 7:                          Jack Davies (GLTC)

Grade 8:                          Rajat Bathla (GLTC)

Grade 9:                          John Minogue (NUIG)

Grade 10:                        Brian Daniels (NUIG)



Galway County Badminton Doubles Championships 2012 - 2013 Report


The finals of the Galway County Doubles Badminton Championships took place last Sunday (25th November) in the Galway Lawn Tennis Club. This event was kindly sponsored by FC Catering. In total, over 130 partnerships entered the championships from clubs throughout the county. After nearly 300 games played over numerous nights in the last month, the finals concluded last Sunday in front of a large crowd of spectators.  They were treated to top class badminton and some trilling games. The Men’s Grade 5 and Ladies Grade 9 will be played in March 2013 with the Singles and Mixed Finals. The following is the list of winners in the Men’s and Ladies competition across all 7 Grades in the County.


Grade 4: Emer Lalor & Karen Lalor (GLTC)
Grade 5: Sarah Caulfield & Karen Lalor (GLTC)
Grade 6: Naomi Davies & Karen Lalor (GLTC)
Grade 7: Molly Davies & Jennifer Lalor (GLTC)
Grade 8: Karina Brennan & Fiona Sheridan (Oranmore)
Grade 10: Rosie Duffy & Patricia Keady (Clonberne)

Grade 4: Damien Hehir (GLTC) & Colm Kelly (NUIG)
Grade 6: Jack Davies & Rajat Bathla (GLTC)
Grade 7: Odie O'Neill & Alan Gilmore (Claregalway)
Grade 8: Jack Davies & Rajat Bathla (GLTC)
Grade 9: Stephen Lally & Enda Gallagher (Oranmore)
Grade 10: Frank Butler & Mike Kinnevey (Killannin)